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Jingao Glass Co.,Ltd, China`s modern glass company, is specialized in production of various kinds of glass products with ISO9001 certification from 2002.
Utilizing the world's leading technology and control systems, Jingao Glass quality has always been stable and reliable,Jingao Glass passed CE certificate according to EN572-2:2004,EN572-9:2004,EN12150,EN ISO 12543-4.
With more than 12 years experiences in producing and exporting,Jingao Glass product range has been expanded to provide customers with a wider choice of quality products, and provide advanced and qualified glass solution to buildings, decorations, furniture industry etc. making it easy for one-stop purchase.
To adopt enterprise development,a new company,DEZHOU GLASS CO.,LTD is founded in 2017,  we are building a good corporate image in construction glass field all over the world.
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