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Reflective Glass

Size:2134x1524mm 2140x1650mm
     2250x1650mm 2400x1650mm
     2440x1830mm 3300x2134mm
     3300x2440mm 3660x2134mm
     3660x2440mm 2250x1605mm
     2440x1650mm 3300x2140mm

    Reflective glass is glass that has been treated with a metallic coating to allow it to reflect heat and     mirror effect.
    Reflective glass is used in environmentally friendly construction with the goal of reducing heat gain and     loss, making structures much cheaper to heat and cool over the course of the year.
    Glassed-in buildings wax and wane in popularity around the world, and when they are in vogue, using         reflective options can cut down on operating costs over the buildings lifetime, in addition     to     making the interior more pleasant to work in.
    A wide choice of external appearance with varying degrees of reflectance.
    on the occasion of single glazing, te coating face should be toward interior.
    On-line LVC reflective glass can be tempered or bent after manufactured.
    building facades.
    Interior glass screen
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